From Doug W. in Lake Bluff, IL

We have been taking our dog for obedience for over a year and love the results from the Two Paws Up program. Brenda and her staff are great with the dogs. They teach the owners to train the dogs with a combination of love for the dogs and respect for the humans. I highly recommend… Read more “From Doug W. in Lake Bluff, IL”

Doug W.

Jacqueline & Kayla

Two Paws Up in Libertyville offers an amazing Dog Training Program. They keep the classes small, flexible, and the trainers are excellent. We had a very excitable Golden Retriever puppy and I was told by other programs to just put a prong collar on her at 15 weeks old, but the trainers at Two Paws Up said they would work with me using positive reinforcement, and a front lead harness and they were right! Our little Kayla is amazing and our bond is stronger than ever. She is now 1 year old and just passed… Read more “Jacqueline & Kayla”


Beryl & Timmie

I adopted Timmie in Sept ,2015. He had issues with other dogs and strangers. I had been working with two different trainers , one was coming to my home which didn’t work out Then went to a group training class which was ok. My goal from the get go was to be able to go for walks with a friend and their dog. Neither training situations were successful in accomplishing my goal. A couple friends who I had met at Heartland Animal Shelter suggested Two Paws Up training which they both used and continue to… Read more “Beryl & Timmie”

Beryl G.

From Emerie D. in Waukegan, IL

We have been using 2 Paws for a little over a year and they have been wonderful. We came in with a 3 year old-ish rescue one eyed Doberman. He had a rough past and in addition with his handicap he came in very anxious and unsure. After being with 2Paws the ladies there helped him come out of his shell and expand greatly on the basic commands. Their customer service is great with answering phone calls and emails if you have a question. They also have a lot of different classes to choose from… Read more “From Emerie D. in Waukegan, IL”

Emerie D.

From Pris F.

Great place and wonderful… Read more “From Pris F.”

Pris F.

From Lisa C. in Chicago, IL

We miss Two Paws Up so much! They did such an amazing job for us and our pup, Siggy, and we are so grateful for all of their help. They helped up develop into a real team, and we even got our Canine Good Citizen certification through our training with them! We were so sad to leave them after moving to the city, and I will happily recommend them to anyone that is in the area. So many hugs, puppy kisses, and celebrations with Wendy, Julie and… Read more “From Lisa C. in Chicago, IL”

Lisa C.

From Kurt P.

Well organized quality… Read more “From Kurt P.”

Kurt P.

From Rachael

The trainers here are fantastic. Positive methodology only, great feedback, very supportive of me and my dog. What else could you ask… Read more “From Rachael”

Rachael X.

From Joan A. in Libertyville, IL

Two Paws Up is the best investment you can make for your dog. The trainers are top notch. The variety of classes offered not only support a well behaved dog but a well rounded dog. You will not only learn how to positively teach your dog good manners, you will learn how to have fun and play with your dog while teaching them great skills. You will enjoy your dog but others will too. The training center is safe, clean and you will feel the positive vibe as soon as you walk in. I continue… Read more “From Joan A. in Libertyville, IL”

Joan A.

From Julie

Caring and thoughtful trainers. Everyone is great and wants every dog to be successful. Very positive environment. Classes for any level puppy or dog with so many options to train for fun, competition or working dogs. Highly… Read more “From Julie”


From Amanda M. in Libertyville

We have been taking our puppy here for about a month. It is amazing how well the trainers interact with all the dogs. They are great teachers and very supportive. My pup loves going here, and it’s always a positive experience. We have a boxer, and people always say it’s hard to get them to lay. After one training session, our pup can know lay on command. I would highly recommend this place for any training needs. The trainers are always aware of everything to make sure all people and animals are safe… Read more “From Amanda M. in Libertyville”

Amanda M.

Lorrie and David Levitz, Charlie and Mac

I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at Two Paws Up for your help, support and hard work. I know everything is so much more difficult to navigate during Covid and you have all found a way to make things work and keep everyone feeling safe. Mac and I look forward to “school” every week. We both have learned so much and the minute I get home from class, my family can’t wait to hear what we learned so they can practice too. After working with all of you while training Charlie as… Read more “Lorrie and David Levitz, Charlie and Mac”

From Christine D.

Really enjoyed my first class at Two Paws Up. Looking forward to more fun and building relationships with my dogs. Thank… Read more “From Christine D.”

Christine D.

Bruce’s Family

“Hi Stephanie, I hope you’re having a good morning. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of your guidance with Bruce so far! The nose work class has been amazing for him and we had a family dinner yesterday where Bruce was able to be around everyone with no aggressive behavior! He even fell asleep with everyone which is a first. The training tools have been so great and I just wanted to share as the week starts. Thank so… Read more “Bruce’s Family”

From Cindy H.

Awesome place for positive reinforcement training for your… Read more “From Cindy H.”

Cindy H.

Great Class!

Thanks so much for a great class. We’ve gotten so much out of it, I made my sister sign… Read more “Great Class!”

Ginnie G

Tim K.

Great place to train the new edition of your home. Words can’t express how happy we are with the assistance and… Read more “Tim K.”

Tim K.

From Victoria E.

We have two dogs that are 5 and 10 months old and Two Paws Up has provided so many Seminars and information about their individual needs and what trainings would be best for them. We are currently enrolled in 2 different classes and both dogs are excelling. Debbie was able to help show us the best way to encourage our more “stubborn” dog Sundae to do a down and we learned that it was not her being stubborn but instead she was scared and nervous, she is so comfortable there now that she just lays… Read more “From Victoria E.”

Victoria E.

From Letty B.

Brenda Belmonte and her team made Two Paws Up a great experience for us. The facility is spacious and super-clean but, best of all, the training techniques work. We were able to take what we learned and make it part of every day. Our dog loves training activities and we love to see his happy, excited face when we work together. We are very proud to get compliments on his behavior and his tricks delight the kids who see him perform. Thank you Two Paws… Read more “From Letty B.”

Letty B.

From Rachael M.

I love the trainers here so much. They are very thoughtful, supportive, and helpful, and my dog and I have learned a great deal already. He’s already made so much… Read more “From Rachael M.”

Rachel M.

Sophie’s Family

Success! I was in the backyard with Sophie last evening when a man came along walking his mini Goldendoodle on the other side of the back fence. Sophie walked along the fence and sniffed the other dog. When the man pulled his dog away from the fence, Sophie loped a circle in the yard and came to check in with me. If I hadn’t heard the man talking to his dog, I never would have known they were there. A few moments later, a bike rode by near the back fence. Sophie started to trot… Read more “Sophie’s Family”

Sandy & Bailey

Even though I no longer take classes, the year and a half I did I couldn’t be more than happy with what I learned. My goal for Bailey was to be a well behaved dog and to pass the CGC. She took classes from a puppy up until she was 1-1/2 years old. Our teachers were outstanding; so thanks to Julie, Wendy and a big thank you to Brenda! She passed the CGC and I still practice with Bailey everyday everything I learned from all of you and I get a lot of compliments on… Read more “Sandy & Bailey”

Sandy K.


Thank you Brenda- this was great! – I am so grateful to you and Stephanie for helping make Jack our success story. We are both still learning, and now it’s an adventure in a good… Read more “Jack”

Joanne C.


Two Paws has been a game changer for my fear & frustrated reactive dog Lola and myself. We take part in the online virtual class training which allows us to be in a class in our own home with other reactive dogs and their owners…Lola is now working with me and if you saw the reactivity on the fence inside of our yard, that in 5 classes has been completely changed, she is still anxious and reactive….but she is now in her thinking brain and working on choosing other options besides just reactive barking, jumping… Read more “Reactivity”

Abby S

Reactive to Relaxed…

Our boy, Wilson, has been reactive his whole life but it took us 4.5 years to realize that we could do something to help him – and that it would really work! He is a beautiful, 80 lb black and white mix of Am. Staff, Chow, Sharpei and Rhodesian Ridgeback. We tried other things and the type of training we did as a pup was not effective for him. Probably made things worse. I found Two Paws Up in early spring of 2021 and decided to do the consultation. Absolutely worth the money and the… Read more “Reactive to Relaxed…”

Chrissy Applehans

S.A.F.E. Skills Class

Jack is now almost a loose leash walker.  Your techniques have helped… Read more “S.A.F.E. Skills Class”

Pam and Mike F.

From Joyce P. in Wheeling, IL

WE LOVE COMING HERE Brenda Belmonte and all the trainers are unbelievable. They know how to calm the entire room. Not only the dogs but us humans also. You are not a number they interact with both humans and dogs. We are so grateful to be able to come here with our dog. We have learned so many valuable tools. Thanks to all. You can’t go wrong choosing Two Paws… Read more “From Joyce P. in Wheeling, IL”

Joyce P.

From Kelly S. in Cary, IL

Brenda Belmonte and her staff with Two Paws Up Dog Training, Inc. are incredible knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Brenda is a life-long animal person with background not only in behavior and training, but experience in the veterinary industry, and it shows! Classes are well-run, primarily positive, and always have the dogs’ best interest at hand. Each of my dogs have been through a minimum of two classes with Two Paws Up Dog Training. Their puppy socialization classes are second to none, and their competition classes are run by people with competition experience… Read more “From Kelly S. in Cary, IL”

Kelly S.

From Gloria M.

Brenda uses a gentle, sensible training approach which leads to a well-behaved pet based on a trusting relationship between pet and… Read more “From Gloria M.”

Gloria M.

Bo’s Family

Hi Stephanie, I know I don’t have to keep thanking you, but this is the first time since we’ve been working with behaviorists and trainers that I feel like we are getting somewhere with Bo. I am so happy we “found” you. You and Bo speak the same language 😋 I actually look forward to all of the classes rather than dreading them!! I think Bo likes them too although he won’t admit… Read more “Bo’s Family”

Carrie & Koopa

I love the trainers here so much. They are very thoughtful, supportive, and helpful, and my dog and I have learned a great deal already. He’s already made so much… Read more “Carrie & Koopa”

Carrie C.

Lisa & Dottie

Dottie and I have been coming to Two Paws Up for about a year and half. I have had many dogs in my past but with a breed that was new to me I was struggling with some issues and the instructors at Two Paws Up have taught me so much. Dottie has gone from a pup who was literally afraid of boxes to now kayaking. In the past, I normally stopped taking classes with my other dogs after a session or two, but I am learning so much and Dottie is having fun I… Read more “Lisa & Dottie”

Lisa S.

From Syn C. in Vancouver, WA

Wish I had sent my dog here vs the very expensive 3-week boarding/training he received. Although he came back with a good set of leash manners, his disruptive reaction at the sight of other dogs, motorcycles, and bicyclists did not get any better. After being referred to Two Paws Up, I started with their free Reactive Rover class taught by Brenda. In addition to being comforted by seeing other dog owners with similar issues, Brenda shared and reaffirmed information regarding my dog’s behavior. Afterwards I was fortunate enough to schedule a 1-hour session with Brenda… Read more “From Syn C. in Vancouver, WA”

Syn C.