Private Puppy TrainingIn addition to our Puppy Head Start, our Puppy Fast Track Sessions help create a solid foundation for you and your puppy. This is a great way for you to learn what your puppy is learning in Puppy Head Start allowing you to continue reinforcement of behaviors at home, which is crucial for your puppy’s success. Each package consists of three ½ hour private sessions at our training center. This a great way to continue working on basic skills while building a positive relationship and communication with your puppy!

What will we learn?

Puppy Skills – Foundation 1:

Session #1 – Name Game, Hand Target, Bite inhibition, Marker Training
Session #2 – Intro to Mat, Sit, Release Word, House Training
Session #3 – Down, Sit on Mat, Keep up Game, Destructive behaviors

Puppy Skills – The Basics:

Session #1 – Recall Foundations, Down with Release, Duration on Mat (Sit)
Session #2 – Duration on Mat (Down), Walking Foundations, Thresholds
Session #3 – Eye contact game, Go Home Game (to mat), Impulse Control

Puppy Skills – Basics 2:

Session #1 – Focus & Reorientation, Working with Distractions, Collar touch
Session #2 – Walking Foundations & Focus, Impulse Control, Eye Contact
Session #3 – Quiet, Relaxation, Eye Contact continued & Focus

Puppy Skills – Basics 3:

Session #1 – Walking Foundations & Focus continued, Drop it, Go to mat from a distance, Recall & Relationship building
Session #2 – Heeling Basics, Tug & Fetch, Duration on mat, Restrained Recall
Session #3 – Meet and Greet on mat, Advanced Impulse Control, Owner Focus

What is the cost of the Puppy Fast Track Sessions?

The cost is $150.00 for the package of 3 sessions.

How do I sign up?

Please contact us for more information.