Focused Fido Courses

If you have a dog who barks and lunges at other dogs, people, cars, etc. when out on walks, then this is the class for you! As owners of reactive dogs, we must be on top of our game and know exactly what to do in the moment to help our dog handle a situation. This is how behaviors are truly changed. If we don’t know what to do in the moment or we hesitate even for a second, the situation may be lost or our dog may react. Perfecting YOUR skills is KEY!

Our Focused Fido Foundations class is a 4 week virtual Zoom class. In this class, we will cover the must have foundation skills to start addressing your dog’s reactivity. This will go over the same skills as our self-paced Reactivity 101 course or our 4-pack of private sessions.

Once you have completed the foundation step, you can move on to our Focused Fido Level 1 course. In this course, we will work on putting your newly acquired skills to use in a safe and controlled setting. These skills need to be refined and practiced many, many times, before using them successfully out in the “Real World”. This is a 4-week class that may be repeated as many times as necessary to move on to the next level or our Life Skills Foundations Class.

Our Focused Fido Level 2 course takes these skills into more real world settings. We may work in the classroom, outside or at other locations. This is a drop-in course, so you can continue to practice these skills on your own schedule.