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New Additions

Congratulations! You’ve adopted a new family member! Did you know the first 12 weeks after an adoption are stressful for both you and your new dog? This course will help you understand the transition periods an adopted dog experiences and will provide you with exercises and information to avoid problem behaviors. Focus skills, foundation obedience, and troubleshooting common problems are all included in this self paced course.

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Aggression & Reactivity trainingIntro to Fear, Reactivity & Aggression

Reactivity is an abnormal or escalated response to something normal in the dog’s environment. If your dog responds by pulling on the leash, barking, jumping on their back feet, etc. You have a reactive dog! This online course sets the stage by going through what reactivity is and how it affects both you and your dog. In our next course (coming soon) we will go over the must have foundation skills for addressing the reactivity.

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If Your Dog Could Talk

A dog’s primary way to communicate is using body language. Their communication contains variations of facial features, ear positions, tail positions, muscle tension, eye blink rates, breathing patterns, and body postures. Our dogs are extraordinarily capable of communication! If only we knew how to listen!

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