Beryl & Timmie

I adopted Timmie in Sept ,2015. He had issues with other dogs and strangers. I had been working with two different trainers , one was coming to my home which didn’t work out
Then went to a group training class which was ok.
My goal from the get go was to be able to go for walks with a friend and their dog.

Neither training situations were successful in accomplishing my goal. A couple friends who I had met at Heartland Animal Shelter suggested Two Paws Up training which they both used and continue to use for their dogs.

I was able to sign up for a class that met at different locations where the distractions would be part of the training – a park, the training center and a village square. It was a four session class, but I was only able to attend three sessions.

It was the last session where my goal became a reality. We worked on leash behavior, distractions of noises and other dogs. At the end of the last session, my friend asked if I wanted to go for lunch at an outdoor setting. I was hesitant not knowing what to expect of Timmie’s behavior walking to the restaurant with my friend and her dog. And was so happy that Timmie did well with this. At the restaurant Brenda, the trainer volunteered to hold both dogs while we got our food. We then sat at a small table with both dogs sitting at our sides of the table in close proximity to each other.

And I was so happy and pleased that both dogs were relaxed and well behaved. This was just after THREE sessions of one hour with Brenda of Two Paws Up. My goal had been achieved. I am so pleased, happy and grateful for what these training sessions have done for Timmie.

The training sessions were done with firmness and kindness.
And it all came together and it made my day.
Four Star Rating for Two Paws Up and the positive and kind training techniques. And Timmie and I will be continuing with their training program.

Beryl G.
July 22, 2016