Family Paws is an organization of professionals who understand the transition to parenthood will cause some major adjustments within your family and household and your dog and baby. Not only is this a huge change for you, it is also a big change for your family dog. Preparing with your dog for the new arrival and for life with a new baby is vital.

With professional support and guidance Family Paws professionals will help ease your transition from pet-parent to baby-parent with pet. Our two international parent education programs specialize in dog and baby/ dog and toddler dynamics which include ongoing support and programs that grow with your baby!

Together we can build lasting bonds one phase at a time!

We can help with cases related to Dogs & Babies and Dogs & Toddlers covering a variety of issues including, but not limited to:

Dogs & Babies:

  • Preparing expecting families for life with newborn, which includes exercises/ management strategies to set up before arrival.
  • Homecoming phase preparations and planning for bringing the baby home safely and helping to safely integrate in the first few weeks home.
  • Management strategies and exercises for families who have already brought baby home but may feel a little overwhelmed with the new pattern of life at home.
  • Help with incidents that occur that may cause concern in the home (ex. growl at baby), though I am not equipped to handle severe aggression cases but am willing to consult with aggression trainer on dog and baby safety ideas.

Dog & Toddler:

  • Exercises and management strategies for preparing for life with toddler (increased mobility, inclusiveness, etc.)
  • Incidents or issues related to change in child’s mobility (ex. growl at toddler), though I am not equipped to handle severe aggression cases but am willing to consult with aggression trainer on dog and toddler safety ideas.
  • Inclusion exercises to build bond with toddler, dog, and parent.
  • Help with navigating multiple child or multiple dog homes to keep everyone safe.
  • Help with navigating social situations relating to dog and child interactions.
  • Management strategies and exercises for the integration of new dog to family with children.

We can also help when you feel overwhelmed, in your day to day life when dealing with a baby and a dog. If you have considered re-homing your dog simply because of this feeling and unrelated to any major behavioral issues contact us.