Enter the wonderful world of dog tricks! Our instructors will walk you through, step-by-step, learning how to teach your dog cute and useful tricks. This class gives you an opportunity, in a small classroom setting, to be able to title your dog with AKC for your novice title. Tricks aren’t just for fun! Tricks can:

Create a stronger bond between you and your dog

Keep your dog in “working mode” even during stress or excitement

Help diminish undesired behaviors by turning them into useful and helpful behaviors

Make some breeds more appealing to the public

Novice class is a 6-week class. Children ages 6 and older are welcome to attend and train their dogs, with parental supervision. This class is appropriate for dogs over the age of 5 months. Reactive dogs are eligible to participate with instructor approval.

These classes and instructors are qualified to grant titles in the new AKC trick dog program!