Would you like to channel your dog’s extra physical and mental energy into a game that promotes teamwork,enhances impulse control & off-leash obedience skills while providing a sense of purpose ? This sport is all about the strong bond that will develop between you and your dog in order to play the game successfully .

Treibball traces its roots to Germany where it was initially developed to keep herding dogs engaged where traditional herding wasn’t possible. The dogs are charged with the task of pushing balls into a goal or moving them between pens at the handler’s direction.

Today, Treibball is a group of four different timed games played with balls proportional to the size of the dog. ANY dog of any age can learn to play! Personality rather than breed is the key component along with the the willingness to form a partnership with your dog that is not leash dependent.

Best of all, Treibball is fun and you can obtain titles by video right here at Two Paws-Up!

It is helpful to have some solid basic obedience skills before attempting this class.

If you would like to see an example :

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This is an intermediate level run for the standard game

This is an Urban Herding Run