Have a specific behavior you want to work on? Need a little extra help with impulse control, loose leash walking, or greetings at the door? Let our trainers work with you and your dog to really target those trouble spots with our specialty classes. Each class concentrates on focused issues in a shorter 3-4 session class.

Controlled Walking

Does your dog take you for a walk?

This mini class helps dogs and owners learn foundation skills for controlled, loose leash walking. All dogs should learn to walk with their owners instead of pulling their owners where ever they want to go!

Owners are taught proper leash handling, vocabulary for walks, and how to give their dogs the opportunity to still be a dog! Learn how to control your dog on walks without having to overpower him.

Previous class experience helpful but not required.

Doorbell Dashers

Does your dog lose its mind when the doorbell rings? Does your dog jump on people instead of greeting politely?

Get started on teaching your dog how to greet people in a polite, calm manner before the hectic holidays!

This mini class will help teach you how to manage your dog so that his greeting options are limited, how to teach a place stay, and how to reward your dog using interactions instead of just food rewards.

Finding Heel

AKC Obedience Regulations Chapter 2. Section 18. Heel Position. … The dog should be at the handler’s left side straight in line with the direction the handler is facing. The area from the dog’s head to shoulder is to be in line with the handler’s left hip. The dog should be close to but not crowding its handler so that the handler has freedom of motion at all times.

This class introduces you to tools to help you polish your dog’s heel position and straighten up the call to front cue. Techniques will include a game to increase attention, proper food reward placement, and using platforms and channels to teach them where heel position is and how to find it on their own.

Whether you are interested in competition or just want to create a great walking skill this class is for you.

Great Greeters

Our four legged friends greet us with enthusiasm, which is often “cute” when they are little. By the time a dog is an adult he’s been reinforced, often unintentionally, hundreds of times for a behavior that we now find frustrating – Jumping up!

Would you like to teach your dog how to keep “four on the floor?” This 3 week course helps you understand what drives this behavior and teaches your impulse control when greeting people.

Mats & Manners

Good manners are not born, they are created through repetition and rewards. Using the right tools can make learning new skills much easier for your dog to understand, and perform consistently. Mat training, also know as place training or stationing, can be used to teach dogs:

  • not to counter surf
  • not to jump on guests
  • not to beg while we eat at the table
  • how to wait and/or stay
  • how to settle or relax at home and in public
  • Let us show you how easy it can be!

Total Recall

Does your dog ignore you when you need him to come to you?
This four week class focuses on the behavior of coming when called. Every dog should have a strong recall but few owners work consistently to achieve this behavior. Each week focuses on a different part of teaching your dog to come when called.