Why The Academy?

Day Training at our Day Training Academy offers pet parents an alternative to traditional coaching sessions. In day training, dogs learn by working one on one with a trainer, in short sessions throughout the day, with breaks for play and rest. Studies have shown that dogs learn best when taught in shorter sessions, followed by down time. Day Training allows us to do the hard work of teaching and proofing behaviors, while owners learn to reinforce and retain the skills at home. Some additional benefits of Day Training include:

Better Retention of Skills
Provides Mental and Physical Exercise
Improves Social Skills

Owners will also benefit from the structured learning and exercise as dogs who attend sessions at the Day Training Academy come home tired!

Dogs attending day training also receive the benefit of working in small groups and participating in small group social activities (when appropriate.) A daily video and handout will keep you up to date on what your dog is learning and weekly progress reports will allow you to know where home training time can be best spent.


Half Day – Pickup by 2:30 pm
1 week (5 days) – $600.00
2 weeks (10 days) – $1150.00
3 weeks (15 days) – $1650.00
4 weeks (20 days) – $2100.00

Full Day – Pickup by 5 pm
1 week (5 days) – $675.00
2 weeks (10 days) – $1300.00
3 weeks (15 days) – $1875.00
4 weeks (20 days) – $2400.00

Late pick-up fee of $25 for every 30 minutes late
Single days are available as part of our Continuing Education Program after you complete at least 2 full weeks.


To register for our Day Training Academy, please fill out our registration form and we will contact you to discuss our options and get your dog scheduled.

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Have questions check out our FAQs page or contact us.

A $500.00 deposit is required to enroll in Day Training.
Any Packages must be paid in full by 7-days prior to your start date. Sorry, no exceptions.
Please take a moment to read our Payment & Cancellation policy and more.