From Syn C. in Vancouver, WA

Wish I had sent my dog here vs the very expensive 3-week boarding/training he received. Although he came back with a good set of leash manners, his disruptive reaction at the sight of other dogs, motorcycles, and bicyclists did not get any better. After being referred to Two Paws Up, I started with their free Reactive Rover class taught by Brenda. In addition to being comforted by seeing other dog owners with similar issues, Brenda shared and reaffirmed information regarding my dog’s behavior. Afterwards I was fortunate enough to schedule a 1-hour session with Brenda following a cancellation in her schedule. In just 1-hour Brenda focused on practical take-aways I could work on with my dog. She used a life-like dog in our session, provided handouts for future reference and more information, and targeted the training for immediate, short-term relief. I experienced success the very next day as I implemented her training tips. I wish I wasn’t moving so I could enroll my dog into the Reactive Rover classes and receive more training under her care. I honestly believe had I started with Two Paws Up my dog’s behavior would be so much better than it is. But while I won’t be able to work with Brenda, I’m grateful for the hour she gave me and the referral to another trainer she knows well in the area I’m moving to.

Syn C.
August 29, 2017