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Aggression & Reactivity trainingIntro to Fear, Reactivity & Aggression

Reactivity is an abnormal or escalated response to something normal in the dog’s environment. If your dog responds by pulling on the leash, barking, jumping on their back feet, etc. You have a reactive dog! This online course sets the stage by going through what reactivity is and how it affects both you and your dog. In our next course (coming soon) we will go over the must have foundation skills for addressing the reactivity.

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Reactivity 101

We know how challenging reactivity can be and we are here to help as many of you as we can. In this class, you and your dog will learn the foundation skills needed to begin addressing your dogs reactvity. These skills will become the building blocks we will use to change your dogs behavior around their triggers. It is important to start with a solid foundation before moving forward!

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