Positive Training – Positive Results

With our drop off options we get your training kicked into gear. We do the initial training for you so you can easily maintain those behaviors at home.

Puppies & Tweens

This program is specifically designed for puppies 10 weeks to 6 months of age. Your puppy will get play time with other puppies, daily enrichment games and activities as well as training in the critical skills at this age – focus & attention, walking, recall & greeting skills.

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The Academy

This is a structured drop-off Monday thru Friday Training Program at our Training Facility available to puppies 4 months & older all the way through adulthood. The program is designed to achieve your specific training goals as well as build overall manners and basic obedience skills. You will receive daily homework in the form of handout(s) & video(s).

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Play & Train

This is a drop-off program that focuses on structured play. For many dogs the daycare environment is just not a good fit for them. The play groups are too large. They are not supervised by trainers. There is no training going on during the day to work on focus and manners. Many times dogs get over-aroused and/or frustrated in this environment causing behavior issues over time.

We want to give your dog the ability to learn appropriate play and focus around other dogs! If you struggle with this, this is the program for you!

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Reactive Rovers

This is a structured drop-off training program for dogs who over-react to things in their environment. If you dog reacts to people, cars, other dogs or novel objects this is the training program for you. Dogs must be able to be crated and handled safely by our trainers. This program has shorter and fewer days to help these dogs be successful.

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