Fear, Reactivity/Aggression Private Training

Behavior issues can be challenging and frustrating for us. When dealing with a dog who is fearful, reacitive or aggressive those challenges and emotions can be even more heightened. We are here to help! We want to help you learn to understand your dog and what they are going through in those situations and most of all help you both through it.

Working with a fearful, reactive and/or aggressive dog, is a marathon and not a sprint. We will be here every step of the way. While we always tailor our training to the individual dog and family, below you will find a step-by-step outline of what to expect along the way.

If you have questions before embarking on our prgram, we are happy to help! Please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 847-235-2263. We look forward to hearing from you!

Step 1

The first step is to reach out to us via phone at 847-235-2263 or using the online form to request an appointment. Once we receive your request, we will reach out to you for a quick phone conversation to make sure this is the best path forward for you and your dog.

Please allow up to a week for the initial phone call/email reply. We do our best to get back quicker, but depending on the amount of inquiries, it may take us this long. During that 10 – 15 minute phone call, we will discuss your current behavioral challenges and our program. If you would like to move forward at that time, we will schedule your Behavioral Consultation.

Step 2

While you are waiting for your Behavioral Consultation to take place, you will complete our Intro to Fear, Reactivity & Aggression Online Course. This course will explain what Fear, Reactivity and Aggression are, what they do to your dog’s physical and emotional states as well as your own, the science behind this as well as our training & behavior modification approach.

Step 3

Your Behavioral Consultation is a 60-minute phone call or Zoom meeting. During the consultation we will discuss your dog’s challenges, current behaviors, triggers, previous training history, your questions and more. We will also formulate an overall training plan for your dog and decide on the best option(s) moving forward.

Step 4

After your consultation, you will receive a copy of your training plan via email as well as any handouts that pertain to our discussion topics. Once you review your training plan, we can move forward with enrolling your dog into classes and/or scheduling private lessons.

Depending on you and your dog’s current skill level, your options will include:

1 – Building Basic Foundation Skills

Foundation skills are just that, the foundation for everything else we are going to do with your dog. We need to have these in order to start working around distractions and triggers.

Options for this phase include:

2 – Controlled Setups

Once you and your dog have mastered the required foundation skills, then we can progress into working around distractions and triggers. It is important to realize there is a very big difference between a DISTRACTION and a TRIGGER!! During this step, we will help you learn how to use your newly acquired skills in a controlled settings. It is important to be able to practice these in a safe and controlled enviornment before venturing out into the “real world”.

Options for this phase include:

3 – Real Life Scenarios

Now that you and your dog can reliably perform these skills around triggers in a controlled setting, we want to progress into more “real life” scenarios. Being able to scan the environment and make a decision of how to respond instantly, is what will help your dog continue to improve. This step is designed to help you hone your skills further.

Options for this phase include:


Online Intro to Fear, Reactivity & Aggression Class
Self Paced  – Free

Online Reactivity 101
Self Paced  – $125 – $250

Behavioral Consultation (via Phone/Zoom)
60 minutes – $150.00

Behavioral Packages
When it comes to behavioral issues, it almost always takes several sessions, so we have packages of 4 and 8 sessions. Please note: packages expire in 2 – 4 months.

4-pack (30 minutes) – $300
8-pack (30 minutes) – $560
4-pack (45 minutes) – $400
8-pack (45 minutes) – $760
4-pack (60 minutes) – $480
8-pack (60 minutes) – $920

We service the northeastern IL area including Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Waukegan, Gurnee, Libertyville, Lindenhurst, Zion, Beach Park, Mundelien, Vernon Hills & more!

We may charge a travel fee for appointments outside this area.