Canine Good Citizen Class

Thinking about taking your dog out in public? Wondering if your dog has what it takes to become a therapy dog?
Most behaviors that owners find problematic in public settings are actually behaviors stemming from a lack of impulse control and may be increased by inconsistent signals or direction from the owner.
This 6 week class will help owners learn to give consistent cues, while rewarding their dog for calm, controlled behavior. Owners will get a look at many of the 10 test items in the Canine Good Citizen Test. This class is geared toward adolescent dogs and adult dogs, ages 6 months of age and older.
Topics covered include:
Pulling on Leash
Polite Greetings
Reactions to Distractions
Foundation Obedience Skills (Sit, Down, Stay, Come)
Polite Behavior Around Other Dogs
Fading Food Reinforcement
Pre-requisite: Flex Level 2 or higher or by instructor approval
Sorry, no reactive dogs
No Choke or Prong Collars Allowed