What is Treat/Retreat?

Treat/Retreat is a powerful must-have technique for anyone who works with shy, fearful or socially awkward dogs. Force-free and fear-free, Treat/Retreat helps dogs learn how to navigate the complexities of interacting with people.

Treat/Retreat was developed by Suzanne Clothier back in the early 1990s. For 30+ years, Treat/Retreat has been helping dogs around the world. This powerfully effective technique is used to help socially shy dogs master the intricacies of feeling comfortable interacting with and being around people. Treat/Retreat about teaching the dog a skill set that promotes confidence.

Key aspects of Treat/Retreat:

  • Dog-centric
  • Force-free
  • Does not use negative reinforcement

This is a dog-centric technique that is force-free, and one that does not use negative reinforcement.

Respect for the dog’s boundaries, arousal and abilities are combined with nuanced observation and engagement of SEEKING to help build the dog’s skills. Using thin slices, Treat/Retreat helps the dog develop skills in comfortable ways that are readily generalized.

What does this class cover?

Treat/Retreat works through multiple layers of social interactions:

  • Approaching people
  • People moving around
  • Direct contact & interactions with people
  • Groups of people
  • Postures & gestures that us humans do
  • Humans as training equipment – can you touch, weave around people & more.
  • Orchestrated greetings