Day Training

Why Day Training?

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Day Training at our Day Training Academy offers pet parents an alternative to traditional coaching sessions. In day training, dogs learn by working one on one with a trainer, in short sessions throughout the day, with breaks for play and rest. Studies have shown that dogs learn best when taught in shorter sessions, followed by down time. Day Training allows us to do the hard work of teaching and proofing behaviors, while owners learn to reinforce and retain the skills at home. Some additional benefits of Day Training include:

Better Retention of Skills
Provides Mental and Physical Exercise
Improves Social Skills

Owners will also benefit from the structured learning and exercise as dogs who attend sessions at the Day Training Academy come home tired!

Dogs attending day training also receive the benefit of working in small groups and participating in small group social activities (when appropriate.) A daily video and handout will keep you up to date on what your dog is learning and weekly progress reports will allow you to know where home training time can be best spent.

Q: What is day training?

A: Day training is a drop off training service. Dogs spend half days, up to 5 hours, at our facility and are worked both individually and with other dogs, in short sessions throughout the day training day. Drop off and pick up times are convenient and fit most traditional work schedules. Spots for day training are limited to ensure the most attention and training time for each dog.

Q: What is the difference in Day Training and Daycare?

A: Think of day training as an alternate to daycare, with structure learning and some play opportunities. Dogs are not in large play groups, they are working throughout the day and have one on one time with a trainer. While daycare can be a great option for many dogs, some dogs don’t do well in large play groups. Day training is a perfect option for those dogs that need physical and mental stimulation outside of the home but may not be compatible with traditional daycare services. Day training is a great way for dogs to learn anything from basic skills to leash manners from an experienced trainer. We do the hard work, and help the dog learn behaviors first, then transfer the skills to you.

Q: Will my dog be completely trained after completing a day training package?

A: Day training does not take the place of owners working with their dogs at home. Owners will still need to commit some time to working with their dog to maintain the skills they have learned in our day training program. You will receive a daily video and handout so you can work on the behaviors at home with your dog. You can also purchase discounted private lessons with one of our instructors if you desire a more in-depth coaching experience.

Q: What is the benefit of Day Training?

A: Day Training provides a safe comfortable environment that fosters the highest level of learning. Benefits include mental and physical exercise, convenience, peace of mind and customized solutions for busy lives.

Drop Off Times- 8:30 am to 9:00 am

Pick Up Times – 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Owners will provide a towel or mat for your dog to rest on during crated times throughout the day. Also provide us with rewards for training sessions such as food, chews or toys.

Day training is not a lifelong event. It can be a useful tool for instilling new behaviors quickly, or changing behaviors in a structured way that the dog understands.


Prep School – 5 days (Monday through Friday) $500.00
Prep school is an early learning level where dogs learn to offer behaviors that are used as foundation skills for more complex tasks.

Middle School – 10 days (Monday through Friday over two consecutive weeks) $1000.00
Middle school students learn to improve focus, are taught manners, and begin to learn basic skills that are essential for good behavior.

High School – 15 days (Monday through Friday over three consecutive weeks) $1500.00
High school students learn to work around mild distractions, maintain focus, and make good choices.

Finishing School – 20 days (Monday through Friday over four consecutive weeks) $2000.00
Finishing school students learn to work in the real world with more complex distractions.


To register for our Day Training Academy, please fill out our registration form and we will contact you to discuss our options and get your dog scheduled.

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to enroll in Day Training.

Packages must be paid for by the beginning of the first day training session. Sorry, no exceptions.

Please take a moment to read our Day Training Academy Policies for Cancellation policy and more.