Play & Train!

Our new Play & Train option gives you the ability to drop your dog off for some play and training! This is different from our Day Training Academy program which is very structured training option.

Play & Train is designed to give your dog time to play and learn during the day. This is not your traditional daycare. Play is in small and appropriate (by size and play style) groups supervisied by our skilled trainers who know how to read dog body language.

We work on interrupting play and getting your dog to refocus on the trainer. Teaching them how to come out of highly arousing activity and get back to thinking, which is a very important skill for our dogs to learn.

They also get some training off-leash and with other dogs and distractions in the environment. We all know that distractions are the most challenging part of training our dogs!


Half Day – Pickup by 2:30 pm
Play & Train – $60 / day
Bronze 10-pack – $550
Silver 20-pack – $1000

Full Day – Pickup by 5 pm
Play & Train – $75 / day
Bronze 10-pack – $700
Silver 20-pack – $1300

Packages are available after your first session.
Late pick-up fee of $25 for every 30 minutes late


To register for our Play & Train, please fill out our registration form and we will contact you to get your dog scheduled.

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