What is Home Schooling?

Our Home Schooling option is a structured training program in your home. This is designed to transition your dog’s skills from our Academy training program to working in and around your home environment. This is our attempt to solve the problem we often run into when “the dog does it there but not at home”…. Now we can help successfully transition the dog into performing the desired behaviors in the home environment before transition everything over to you!

  • Designed to address specific in-home challenges & walking around the neighborhood
  • Currently available after 2 weeks of our Academy Program
  • Daily Homework – handout & video


1 week (3 days) – $450.00
2 weeks (6 days) – $875.00
3 weeks (9 days) – $1300.00
4 weeks (12 days) – $1700.00


This program is LAUNCHING SOON! To get on our waiting list, please fill out our registration form and we will contact you to discuss our options and get your dog scheduled.


Have questions? Check contact us.

A $450.00 deposit is required to enroll in Home Schooling.
Any Packages must be paid in full by 7-days prior to your start date. Sorry, no exceptions.
Please take a moment to read our Payment & Cancellation policy and more.