Our Pledge

We are dedicated to the training process for each & every dog and client who enters our Day Training Program. However, dog training is a very individual process. Both dogs and clients learn at different rates depending on many factors, including but not limited to the dog’s previous level of training & reinforcement history, their ability to acclimate to new environments & people and the owner’s commitment, dedication & consistency in training. All of these factors will determine the success of any training plan.

We pledge to do our very best to train the foundation skills that build towards the specific goals you have for you and your dog. Those foundation skills must be solid, in before we can build upon them. We will keep you up to date on any challenges or delays to your dog’s progress due to environmental challenges, stress, fear, etc.

Some dogs find it challenging to work in new environments, including our training facility. One of the ways to combat that is to use more enticing food rewards. We ask that you bring 3 to 5 different food rewards for your dog. What your dog will work for in the comfort of their own home, typically will not work in a more exciting, scary or distracting environment. If your dog is not working for the treats provided or if you prefer to purchase some directly from us, we can do that at a 5% discount as part of the training program.

You will get daily video and/or handout showing specific exercises you can work on with your dog as well as a weekly report that outlines their progress, areas for improvement, etc. We recommend that you review those daily and ask any questions you have promptly.

Owner Commitment

We are committed to helping you and your dog succeed; however, dog training requires commitment and consistency from all members of the dog’s family to be successful. Training is a full-time commitment for the entire course of a dog’s life. As the owner, I understand that my involvement and commitment to this process is critical to the success of my dog.

Cancellation Policy

  • deposit of $500 is required upon scheduling. This will be held for your final week of day training. We require payment for each week the Monday before.
  • Any cancellations made at least 14 days prior to your start date will receive a full refund less the orientation fee.
  • Any cancellations made within 8 days to 13 days prior to your start date will receive a refund less the deposit.
  • Any cancellations made less than 7 days prior to your start date will not be eligible for a refund without extenuating circumstances, in which case a credit for a future day training session (subject to availability) may be offered in lieu of refund.
  • If your dog goes into heat they may continue to come with panties on. If you choose to keep them home, no make-ups will be given.
  • If your dog becomes sick during the session, we will provide you one make up day per scheduled session.

Late Pick Up Policy

  • Daily pick-up time is between 2 – 2:30 pm.
  • Any late pickups may be charged accordingly
  • 15 minutes late = $25 charge


Emergency Contact

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