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Lifelong Benefits of Core Fitness

Just like you, exercise is critical to ensuring your dog maintains fitness and stays healthy. Core strength, in particular, is essential to ensuring the best quality of life and longevity. Core muscles include the postural muscles of the stomach, spine, and limbs.

Core strength in dogs helps decrease the likelihood of strains, soft tissue injuries and wards off osteoarthritis. It is a key training component for active dogs, helps puppies build strength and balance, and prevents injuries in older dogs. All dogs benefit from core training throughout their lives.

Core Fitness for Total Canine Health

  • Mental Fitness – brings motivation, persistence, self-confidence and a wagging tail to our companions

  • Balance Fitness – prevents injury, improves agility, and encourages control of body movements

  • Strength Fitness – enables muscles to work with less fatigue and more power

  • Cardio Fitness – allows better use and delivery of oxygen to working muscles and tissues

  • Flexibility – encourages full range of motion of joints without injury