Structured Play Groups

Safe and appropriate play is extremely beneficial for our dogs throughout their entire life. We believe that by providing a space with the opportunity for structure and safety, our dogs can learn important manners and handler relationships while playing with other dogs.

Our goal is to provide an alternative option to daycare and dog parks that will allow our
clients to let their dogs play off-leash, practice important off-leash skills and help to
develop appropriate play behaviors. Structured Play Groups are registration-based for
current Two Paws Up Dog Training, Inc. clients only. This is a requirement so the trainers
involved can match groups of four dogs by temperament, size, age and play style among other qualities.

What does Structured Play look like?

  • Parents will be required to stay and work with their dogs throughout the duration
    of play. This is meant to be a learning experience for the dog and handler team!
  • Each play group will last approximately 30 minutes, including a warm up and recap.
    • If play is not going well, the trainers will end play early to keep everyone safe
      and provide the best experience possible. The remainder of the time may
      involve other training exercises or alternative play options.
  • Group sizes will be limited to 6 dogs with two trainers facilitating. Numbers may
    vary based on who the trainers pair together.
  • Trainers will periodically call for an interruption.
  • A “timeout”or “cool off” zone will be established before each session.

Structured Play Requirements:

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated in relation to their age. All age-appropriate dogs
    must have an up-to-date Bordetella vaccine and a negative fecal.

    • All dogs must be wearing a harness.
    • Trainers will always do their best to provide safe play and an enjoyable experience for the parents. However, dogs have off-days just like people do so the trainers will structure the time slot however they see fit, which may involve ending play or training entirely.


1 30-minute session – $25.00

Packages are available after your first session.
Bronze 4-pack – $90
Silver 10-pack – $200


To register for our structured play groups, please fill out our registration form and we will contact you to discuss our options and get your dog scheduled.

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