5 Reasons NOT to Take Your Dog to the Parade (or Fireworks)

Okay, I’m going to get on my soapbox! Parades and fireworks displays are NO PLACE for a dog! Please! I am pleading here. Leave your dog at home!

Here are five reasons to leave your dog at home when you attend the festivities.

1) Dogs don’t like crowds – Parades are packed with people. To a dog, the large numbers of people can seem claustrophobic and difficult to navigate. Most dogs appreciate space and when forced to endure many people they don’t know, in close proximity, they become stressed and are more likely to use defensive aggression.

2) Dogs don’t like loud noises – Dogs have sensitive hearing and the loud noises associated with parades, such as bands, and the “booms” from fireworks can cause panic for many dogs. The 4th of July is the number one time for dogs to panic, run and become lost.

3) Dogs don’t tolerate the heat – The heat at this time of year can be tough for us all but dogs are especially vulnerable. They do not have protective clothing to shield feet from hot pavement and cannot cool themselves without our help. Heat and humidity, combined with noise and crowds, are a stressful scenario for most dogs!

4) Your attention isn’t on your dog – Let’s face it you want to see the parade. You want to be amazed by the latest pyrotechnics. You want to socialize with friends and enjoy the party atmosphere. You are NOT going to pay attention to your dog. So why bring him? Will you notice if he starts to get stressed? Will you be prepared to take him home if he shows signs of fear, anxiety, or panic?

5) Your dog didn’t ASK to go – The holiday is a family event. Although your dog is a part of your family he doesn’t understand or enjoy parades and fireworks. He doesn’t care if you leave him at home. Okay, maybe he’d like to go where you go but this is one instance where you should do what’s right and leave him home.

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